Beluga decals for Cargolux, SEA LIFE Trust and WDC

Illustration for: Beluga decals for Cargolux, SEA LIFE Trust and WDC

Luxembourg, June 2019 – The Europe’s leading all-cargo airline Cargolux appointed BCO Aviation in order to rebrand a Boeing 747-400EFR Freighter with a very special decals.

Earlier this year, Cargolux was chosen to relocate two beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White from capivity in China to a sanctuary in Iceland. BCO Aviation had the chance to help Cargolux to sponsor the incredible 10.000 kilometer journey of the two whales and their care team, while SEA LIFE Trust (Beluga Whale Sanctuary) and their project partner WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) had an unique chance to promote sea animals care and protection.

Since January 2019, Cargolux is promoting the project with a decals on the aircraft that will carry the whales. Once again, BCO could managed the project from the design to the installation, passing by several quality checks and retouchs.

Do you want to see this amazing project by yourself? Discover the VIDEO HERE and the epic journey HERE #BelugaFlight #Whalehelloplane #Cargolux #BCOAviation