Ads on Aircraft (AOA): Get revenues from aircraft covering

Ads on Aircraft (AOA): Get revenues from aircraft covering

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How to earn new revenues from aircraft? Advertise them!
Aircraft bodies are an outstanding tool for medias and advertisers.
Therefore, we help Advertising companies and Airlines Marketing Departments with adhesive films branding (stickers/decals) on aircraft interiors and exteriors.

AOA on External livery (Aircraft body)

An external livery is the external part of an aircraft, i.e. the aircraft body (fuselage, wings, tails, sharklets, cone,…). All the parts of an aircraft can be used to advertise a product, a brand, a company or an organisation. Hereafter, we answer some of your questions.

What are aircraft adhesives films (decals)?

Aircraft graphic films are high-tech and resistant category of adhesive films, made for aircraft. We assist from the beginnings of a project to its end, fully or partly (e.g. from the Design to the Installation, passing by the Production of the decals and their Certification thanks to our 10+ years’ experience).

Ads on Aircraft by BCO Aviation Advertise the aircraft with stickers

Why choosing adhesive films (stickers/decals)?

On a technical point of view, decals are cost-effective comparing to paint job. Our micro-perforated graphic films are printed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and installed by a qualified team of aviation professionals.

On a marketing point of view, aircraft are a huge commercial support, are seen by many people and can be used in many advertising creations.

On a budget point of view, decals are a cost-effective way to advertise anything on aircraft. Contracts and agreements with airlines and lessors will give you an insight about what a campaign costs and how much revenue does it make. BCO team is able to bring airlines and advertisers together.

How long can a campaign last?

Decals can be quickly installed and removed. Depending on the contract with the airlines, campaigns on aircraft can last from few days to few years.

What and where advertise on aircraft?

Aircraft are a great tool to increase brand awareness. Products, brands, companies and organisations can chose whatever they want to communicate (anniversary branding, specials events, product launch, and so on). Brandings are often original and are exposed for a specific period of time. Here are projects made by BCO Aviation:

  • Champagne Carbon F1″ for ASL Group;
  • Tomorrowland” or “Belgian Red Devils” for Brussels Airlines;
  • Martinique Guadeloupe” for Air Belgium;
  • Luxembourg for Finance” for Luxair;
  • Sea Life Trust Beluga Whales” for Cargolux;

Aircraft branding with my logo and any brand

We can install stickers on all types of aircraft (Airbus, Antonov, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Beechcraft, Cessna, Sukhoi,…). You will be able to chose to advertise your brand on the aircraft parts you want, e.g. on the fuselage, entry door, tail (vertical fin), engines, sharklets, cockpit, belly, and so on.

AOA on aircraft cabin (interior) for Storytelling

We help you to create an Integrated campaign to tell a story and increase passengers’ experience. Therefore, we also design, produce, install and certify cabin products based on adhesive and nonwoven products. For instance, we provide tray table stickers, bulkheads  decals, headrest covers, pillows and blankets linked to the external branding. More information and picture on the pages “Products and Services”.

Cabin branding for storytelling and increase brand awareness

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