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Aircraft Livery & Decorative Branding

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We provide airlines, lessors, MRO’s and paint shops with aircraft livery solutions based on aviation graphic adhesive film for corporate/airline branding, special events, campaigns or decorative livery.

Corporate & Decorative Aircraft Livery

An external aircraft livery, also called corporate livery, is the external branding of any commercial or cargo airlines with their classic livery.

A decorative livery, also called temporary branding, is the external branding of any commercial or cargo airlines with a specific promotion campaign from the airlines or an advertiser. Brandings are often original and are exposed for a specific period.

Hereafter are more information regarding our products and services:

  • Material: Aviation 3M external aircraft graphic film;
  • Printing system: UV printing process with clear coat;
  • Conditioning: Preassembled coupons;
  • Production lead time: 10 working days;
  • Additional Services (optional): Design support, Installation process and/or Part 21J certification;
  • Type of liveries:
    • Corporate livery: Airline logo branding, partial or full tail branding, country flag and registration, winglets/sharklets branding, landing gear identification, symbol, and more.
    • Decorative livery: Specific branding, Anniversary branding, Advertisements, symbols, and more.
  • Main references:
    • Corporate livery: Brussels Airlines, Airbus, TUI, Cargolux, Luxair, ASL Airlines, and more.
    • Decorative Livery: “Tomorrowland” or “Belgian Red Devils” for Brussels airlines, “Martinique Guadeloupe” for Air Belgium, “Luxembourg for Finance” for Luxair, “Sea Life Trust Beluga Whales” for Cargolux, “Champagne Carbon F1″ for ASL Group, and more

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Why choosing adhesive aircraft livery?

Adhesive film are an alternative or a complement to paint operations (e.g. in hybrid liveries). Here is why adhesive liveries might be a better choice than paint shops:

  • Faster installation and planification (and less AOG);
  • More cost-effectiveness;
  • Better for the environment;
  • Quick Delivery services;
  • High definition pictures printing;

Make a request

Please send your request + design (vectorized file) + contact details to Mr. Valentin Pauly to or

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