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Headrest covers / Antimacassars

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We provide a range of headrest covers to customize your aircraft interior. Our headrest covers (antimacassars) are used in many commercial and private flights, offering a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness.

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Disposable Headrest Covers: Nonwoven fabric

  • Material: 100% Polypropylene; 45 gsm;
  • Colour(s): White material:
  • Layout: Printed logo(s) (any colours);
  • Standard Sizes: 20×30 cm;
  • Fastening system: Yarn (female) or Velcro hook (male);
  • Production lead-time: 10 working days (standard time);
  • MOQ: No MOQ (deacreasing prices);
  • Aircraft approval: Fire resistancy certificate (FAR 25853 standards);
  • Best use for: Airlines branding & Charter Flights (commercial, corporate, sport team, special events).

Rotable Headrest Covers: Leather or Leatherette

  • Synthetic leather: Front Side 100% Vinyl fabric, back side 100% Polyester; 650 gsm;
  • Premium leather: Whole skin goat leather, 0,80 to 1,10 mm (0,5 m² per skin);
  • Colour(s): Based on catalog or manufactured on request;
  • Layout: Printed, embossed or sewed logo;
  • Standard Sizes: 21×24,5 cm or 18,5 x 36,5 cm (with advertising window backward); other sizes on request;
  • Fastening system: Loop (female) or Hook (male) Velcro;
  • Lead time and MOQ: According to the project;
  • Aircraft approval: Fire resistancy certificate, treatmant, stain, antibacterial, anti-abrasion;
  • Best use for: High-class branding, Business Aviation and permanent Airlines cabin branding.

Some Pictures:

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