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Technical markings

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We provide a full range of technical and information adhesive marking kits for aircraft interior and exterior.

Delivering markings for all types of aircraft

We deliver airlines, MRO’s and paint shops all types of markings ready for installation on the aircraft.

  • Material: Aviation graphic film for aircraft interior and exterior;
    • Protected by different laminate solutions on the front surface which increase strength and durability;
    • Customized placards with specific colors and sizes by professionnal designers;
    • Provided with part number, either BCO Aviation or the aircraft manufacturer reference, which allows to identify and re-order stickers more easily;
    • Permanent testing by BCO Quality team.
  • Printing system: Different printing methods according to the specifications;
  • Conditioning: Indivial markings or full kits;
  • Production lead time: 10 working days (AOG services on request);
  • Additional Services (optional): Design support, Installation process and/or Part 21J certification;
  • Quality: Individual markings and kits are provided with Certificate of Conformity;
  • Main references: Brussels Airlines, TUI, Cargolux, Luxair, ASL Airlines, CAL Cargo, NHV, X-Airservices, Kerozen Industrie,…

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Why choosing BCO Aviation technical markings?

BCO Aviation products are more cost-effective than manufacturer provider. Here is why choosing BCO Aviation might be a better choice than other suppliers:

  • Faster production lead time (and less AOG costs);
  • More cost-effectiveness;
  • Quick Delivery services;
  • High definition printing;
  • Permanent follow-up and personal contact with BCO Sales Team;

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