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Installation service

Besides the painting aspect, graphic films do not require specific facilities for installation and can be performed in maintenance hangars over-night or during light maintenance operation, thus making it possible for you to avoid extra downtime. The installation can even be performed outside, in some weather conditions (to be completed). The installation teams, which hire certified professional workers with more than 20 years of experience, usually require limited equipment, such as ladders and cradles to access some parts of the aircraft, such as the vertical fin. Those teams work in exact accordance with all specific aviation rules and PART21.

The process of installation usually requires the 5 following steps :

  1. Cleaning of the decoration area.
  2. Installation of the primer to be added to the base color paint for better adherence of the vinyl.
  3. Application of the graphic film.
  4. Application of an erosion tape on specific area of the decoration.
  5. Addition of 3M® edge sealer 3950 on the erosion risk areas.

Likewise, the removal process is fast and easy, and can be combined with scheduled maintenance.