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Stencils & Paint masks

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In addition to adhesive film products, we also provide paint masks and stencils in order to offer an alternative respectively to technical markings and aircraft livery.

Simple solution for painting operation

We deliver all types of paint masks ready to be applied on the aircraft for painting operations.

Ease of installation

Our paint masks are very easy to install based adhesive marking solution, replacing paperboard supplied by most of the manufacturers.
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The application procedure of that adhesive solution is similar to any standard placards. Once the paint mask has been placed on the relevant surface, the several coats of paint can be applied with no risk of slipping of the vinyl.

Truly cost effective material

All our paint masks adhesive film are selected and pre-tested to insure the simplest application and resistance to solvent solutions while guarantying impact less removal operation after painting.

Ease of re-ordering

Each paint mask is provided with its part number, either BCO Aviation or the aircraft manufacturer reference, which allows customers to identify and re-order their placards very easily.

Delivery time frame

BCO Aviation offers a standard delivery time of 10 to 15 days on any paint mask orders. For any specific requests such as AOG, BCO Aviation is able to offer a special delivery service, depending on the emergency of your request.
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We make it a point of honor to offer our customer the shortest delivery time possible for any paint mask orders. Beside our standard delivery service, we are also able to provide our customers a special delivery service that gives the guaranty to get your paint mask ready for installation within 10 days. We are working with TNT in order to offer our customers a high quality level of service at a moderate price.

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