Aircraft livery and decals for airfreight carriers

Illustration for: Aircraft livery and decals for airfreight carriers

Luxembourg, November 7th 2019 – Just like traditional Airlines, Cargo airlines also need good looking and reliable external liveries, and the project possibilities are even bigger. Explanation.

When awaiting for their flight at airport gates, passengers often spot aircraft outdoor. The most popular aircraft often are the most recognizable, the most original and the most impressive.

Even though passengers are obviously less in contact with Cargo aircraft, i.e. they often only spot them from distance, Cargo airlines also seek for original external livery. And there are many reasons why Cargo airlines also seek for original external liveries:

  • Cargo aircraft are often bigger than commercial aircraft and offer a greater possibility to brand the fuselage and tail. It also allows to communicate about their incredible transportation project, such as the 747-400ERF from Cargolux which transported two beluga whales from Asia to Iceland.
  • Cargo aircraft have few or no fuselage windows. It gives many more possibilities to have a full livery on it and to decorate the aircraft in order to avoid a “naked livery”, i.e. a full white fuselage.
  • Cargo aircraft companies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and the visual rendering of the aircraft also plays a major role.

Many more reasons can still be mentionned. This article is aimed to show how important an aircraft livery can be for cargo aircraft too. Adhesive film solutions provided by BCO Aviation are the perfect solutions to brand cargo aircraft for a short or mid-term period ot time. BCO Aviation printed and clearcoated microperforated adhesive films are very resistant and easily manageable (as for the installation or removal process).