BCO Aviation adhesive products for DOA/POA

Illustration for: BCO Aviation adhesive products for DOA/POA

Luxembourg, March 25th 2020 – BCO Aviation is partnering with DOA/POA’s regarding innovative adhesive solutions projects.

A DOA/POA, i.e. Design Organisation Approval and Production Organisation Approval, is a third party (or company’s department) in charge of all EASA applications in accordance to a project design and production, issuing related certificates and guaranteeing continued surveillance (e.g. Part 21J, Part 145,…).

BCO Aviation has several DOA/POA’s trusted partners and therefore, is able to provide a full project support from design to installation, passing by production and certification.

BCO Aviation also helps DOA/POA with aviation adhesive products when DOA/POA’s customers ask them to provide branding solutions for their fleet. Therefore, being a third party goes both ways and the process is ensured thanks to permanent collaboration and communication.