What is Exterior Aircraft Graphic Film?

Illustration for: What is Exterior Aircraft Graphic Film?

Luxembourg, June 11, 2020 – We use Exterior Aircraft Graphic Films to brand aircraft exteriors. Here is a brief overview of what they are and why we are using them.

To begin, we are partnering with 3M™ for aviation graphic films, who exclusively sells to qualified graphics manufacturers within the aircraft industry. Aircraft need quality and high resistant materials as they face specific conditions (from extreme cold while flying to extreme heat while on ground, passing by wind, UV rays, dust, and so on).

Then, 3M™ offers different aviation products when it comes to external liveries and decals. Here are the ones the we are using on a regular basis:

  • 3M™ A7322 (vinyl): Printed and clear coated microperforated adhesive film, soft and very resistant. The product is ideal for short or mid-term operations. The vinyl has grey adhesive color who provides a good hiding power, i.e. the material perfectly covers another inscription or layout.
  • 3M™ A7706 (polyester): Printed and clear coated polyester film, more rigid and long term. The adhesive is clear.
  • 3M™ IJ180 (vinyl): Printed and clear coated adhesive film for flat surfaces.