Adhesive Safety Card to meet sanitary requirements

Illustration for: Adhesive Safety Card to meet sanitary requirements

Luxembourg, September 30, 2020 – BCO Aviation provides more and more cabin tray table adhesive safety cards due to sanitary requirements.

Covid-19 crisis brought BCO team to constantly react and innovate. Even though safety card stickers were an existing product, the demand exploded these past few months. BCO Aviation provided its customers with new safety cards, from redesigning their paper/plastic safety card into a smaller adhesive layout (due to size constraints), passing by quickly manufacturing large quantities, to finally installing them in the cabins. Less logistics handling makes it easier to use tray table stickers compared to physical safety card in seat pockets/storage bags.

Eventually, BCO was able to certify the product via a trusted European Testing Laboratory partner and a Part 21J partner.

BCO Aviation adhesive safety card on tray table cabin antimicrobial stickers