FTL Airlines’ first A330-200

Illustration for: FTL Airlines’ first A330-200

Luxembourg, June 19, 2023 – Exciting developments! BCO Aviation is delighted to announce a fruitful collaboration with Vallair Aero on the transformation of FTL Airlines’ A330-200 aircraft.

In response to the evolving brand identity of FTL Airlines, our joint effort with Vallair Aero has resulted in a striking exterior makeover for the A330-200. This project exemplifies the seamless synergy between BCO Aviation and Vallair Aero, showcasing our collective ability to bring creative concepts to life in the aeronautical realm.

The innovative design, made of special aviation adhesive film and tailored to reflect FTL Airlines’ unique identity, was meticulously applied to the aircraft’s exterior. Our commitment to excellence and precision was paramount throughout the process, ensuring a visually stunning result that aligns seamlessly with FTL Airlines’ vision.

To enhance the collaborative process, BCO Aviation and Vallair Aero worked in tandem, pooling expertise and resources to meet and exceed the expectations set by FTL Airlines. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to delivering outstanding results in the aviation industry.

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